Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
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Our Story

Growing up in a mixed race and mixed religion home, Islamic holidays were not made into big celebrations.  As I grew older I fell in love with Islam which lead me on a journey to formally study Islamic Studies, al Humdulillah.  And I made the conscious decision that I knew I wanted my entire life to revolve around Islam and that when I had kids they would grow up in an environment that was surrounded by the Deen. 

Fast forward around 10 years, a husband, degrees in Business and Islamic Law, and 2 mini Muslims later, I am so grateful for all of the amazing, innovative, and necessary Islamic items being produced for our community- but no one was selling these items anywhere near me so I started looking online.  We have an amazing number of growing Muslim Mom owned businesses all around the world, and I wanted to bring their beautiful products into my home as Ramadan Decorations, items to fill my children’s Ramadan baskets and buy as Eid gifts.  But I simply could not afford to pay all the shipping costs.  And that’s how the idea for Imajannation Emporium was created!

with love & duas,

Your Imajannation Emporium Family