Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
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Our Mission and Products

Our Mission

Imajannation Emporium is a Muslim Mom owned business based in Southern California, and our mission is simple: To make Islam as easy as possible for Muslim Families living in the West.

  • By helping you raise your children in an Islamic centered environment helping them develop a strong Muslim Identity.  Because they are confident in the beliefs they have known since birth. 
  • By making learning about Islam, loving Islam, remembering Islam in our hectic day to day lives easy for caretakers and their children.
  • By filling homes with items inspired by Islam, books that teach Islam in fun and entertaining ways with characters that represent their own families
  • By sharing toys and games that foster a love of Islam in ways children will enjoy.
  • By providing resources that help teach, fostering a lifelong love for Islam strong enough to help them reach Jannah Insha’Allah. 


Our Products

Whether its beautifying your homes with Islamic reminders, to choosing books with messages aligned with authentic Islamic foundations, to finding halal fun for your family, our formal Islamic Studies education helps us choose products that we know will be of benefit to our own family and yours.  We strive tirelessly to find the best quality products that will Insha’Allah bring the light and joy of Islam into your home.