Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
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Organic Ertugrul Doll | Handmade Historical Dolls
Organic Ertugrul Doll | Handmade Historical Dolls
Organic Ertugrul Doll | Handmade Historical Dolls
OAK Creative Designs

Organic Ertugrul Doll | Handmade Historical Dolls

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Introducing our Historical Figures Collection: Ertugrul and Osman Dolls!

Step into the past with our meticulously crafted Ertugrul and Osman dolls, inspired by the legendary figures who played pivotal roles in shaping Anatolia and the Ottoman Empire. Adorned with authentic dresses from the Seljuk period, they are a piece of history brought to life.

Ertugrul Doll
Ertugrul, a symbol of courage and leadership, was instrumental in uniting tribal leaders and laying the foundation for the mighty Ottoman Empire. Our Ertugrul doll pays tribute to this historical hero with exquisite attention to detail.

Product Features:
  • Size: 30cm (12in)
  • Meticulously knit with premium 100% cotton yarn
  • Filled with OEKO-TEX certified hypo-allergenic polyfill for safety
  • Expertly handcrafted by talented artisan women in Kayseri, Türkiye
  • Easy maintenance: Machine washable at 30°C, simply hang to dry

Now, you can bring home the historical figures of Ertugrul in the form of a beautifully handcrafted doll. Whether for playtime adventures or as a cherished display piece, our Ertugrul doll will inspire the imagination and remind us of the rich heritage they represent.