Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
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Quran & Tasbih Islamic Gift Set
Quran & Tasbih Islamic Gift Set
Little Wings Creative Co.

Quran & Tasbih Islamic Gift Set

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“This is the Book (The Quran) about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah” (Quran 2:2)

There is no better Islamic gift to give someone special!

Featuring a small leather embossed Quran with rainbow colored pages and a matching Soft-Touch Tasbih. Beautifully made to be appealing for children, and  comes gift boxed with a matching du'a card for reading the Quran.

Rainbow Quran
• A gorgeous 5″x4″ embossed coloured Quran
• Compact size written in Arabic (Uthmani) script
• Rainbow coloured pages inside
• A beautiful keepsake as a child’s first Quran

Soft-Touch Tasbih™
• 33 bead tasbih with suede tassel
• Soft matte finish to compliment the texture of the coloured Quran
• Perfect for children, loved by adults too!



DISCLAIMER: Please note every care has been taken to ensure the Soft-Touch Tasbih™ is durable and safe for children 4+ years to use. While it has been made using food grade silicone that is safe for children to chew on, it is not intended to be used as a teether or chewing toy. Please exercise care and supervise young children when they are using the tasbih. Imajannation Emporium will not be liable for any injury or damages caused from using this product in ways it is not intended.