Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
Bismillah, As'salaam Alaikum!
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Store your lunch in this fun lunch box with a contrast of black and white. The lunch box is made of melamine resin (at food grade) making it safe for food and it comes with an airtight lid stop any leakages. If you want your cutlery in one space you can put place it within the designated space for cutlery in the lunchbox. This lunchbox also includes a band to keep the contents extra secure and a food divider.

Comes with:
Cutlery space
Food divider
Lunchbox Strap
Measures approx: 3.5 width x 7in length x 1.6cm depth

Wipe printed surface (lid) with damp cloth only
Microwave and dishwasher safe (excluding lid)
BPA free
Screen printed lid
Extra tough plastic – durable
High sides can place a sandwich within it